One Hundred Years and Still Playing Dress-up!

If you grew up in the St. Louis area, attended any one of the dozens of private and public high schools, and participated in any of your schools theatrical productions, the odds are you have worn a Robert Schmidt Costume. The shop has been costuming shows all over the country since the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 when Robert Schmidt took over the costume shop and supplied costumes for the Midway performers at the fair. So it is timely that everyone looking to dress up should come down and visit the historically-rich costume shop that is Robert Schmidt Costumes.We're over100 years old and proud of it!


Over the years, Robert Schmidt Costumes has changed location and ownership but, most importantly, it remains the oldest and largest, continually operated, business of its kind in the midwest. It's former home was in the glass-block fronted building in St. Louis, long known as "Idle-A-While Bowling Alley", but we have recently crossed the river into historic downtown Wood River, Illinois, now occupying part of the former Schwartz furniture complex. The new location houses a storefront with two floors of costumes for rent, as well as a make-up and accessory retail outlet. The upper floors contain design room, sewing room, hat room, prop storate & armory and stockroom housing the bewildering amount of vintage and period rental clothing. Everything in the stockroom is available for theatrical rental, and it has taken a lot of time to collect all the wonderful pieces we have to offer. New owner, Sandi Blair, started out making costumes for fun between prom seasons, when she made custom hoop dresses for the local girls. She started a small consignment shop for prom in her home 12 years ago and the rest is history. The costume shop grew along with the prom business that now carries new prom as well as bridal. Together with the new Fabric Plus store, they occupy over 15,000 square feet of packed to the walls space.


We can dress you from the dawn of man to present day. We have something for everyone, and almost every show you may be doing. If you are hosting a costume party or attending one, we guarantee that you will find something to wear in our stock that will set you apart from everyone else. Our main business is costuming schools, churches, amateur and professional theatre companies from Maine to California. We are willing to ship costumes anywhere costumes are needed.


With our prime new location, we are roughly two blocks from Rte 3 and about five minutes from I-255. The shop hours are 10am-6pm Tuesday through Thursday and 10am-4pm on Friday, Saturday & Monday. Please feel free to stop in and check us out or contact us.


And remember--It's more fun in costume!